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Ingenuity Dance classes are conducted with great quality brain development through body movement and musicality.

All the dance classes are created with healthy progress to meet the goal and results. 


 The purpose is to: 

1) build a sense of confidence, creativity, and character in dance performance

2) improve and strengthen body posture and flexibility

3) they will learn to admit criticisms positively and it is very important to accept success and failures as it is.


Character. Style. Creativity. Confidence. Social Intelligence. 

Emotional Intelligence. 



Royal Academy of Dance



Age 3 & above

Modern Jazz


Age 5-6 years old



Age 5-13 years old

Elite Competition

~Dance Showcase~


Ingenuity Dance's yearly showcase is open for everyone and it allows all the students to explore dancing on stage.

Taking part in a recital or performance helps dancers overcome shyness and stage fright.

It gives students a chance to showcase all of their hard work throughout the year. As children experience performing

for an audience, they gain self-confidence. They can carry this with them in all aspects of school and life.


Teachers will create outstanding and professional artistic choreography for the show, the most memorable dance choreography for students for the lifetime. Ingenuity Dance showcases will never disappoint the audience all the time.



Choreography Camps

Ingenuity Dance offers the most popular  and unique 3 days or weekly fun dance choreography camp with creativity and short inspiring in-house performance. Students will have

a wonderful time rolling their good time during the holiday with us. They will learn a variety of dance, singing, crafting, and costume hunting. They will make new friends from outside of their schools. 


The program is tailored for ages 4 - 13 years old with limited spaces.

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